Benefits of water based paint

“I want to use water-borne paints on interior wood and metal because it means that I can complete the job in less time, it’s also better for the environment.”     Water-based products offer clear advantages: •Quick-drying •Non-yellowing •Low odour •Safer to use •Better for the environment   View some of Dulux Trade’s water-based range […]

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Polycell Trade Polyfilla Decorators Caulk

Polycell Polyfilla Decorators Caulk is a flexible permanent acrylic sealant specially formulated for internal and external use in areas subject to movement. It is suitable for sealing around architraves and cornices, sealing cracks between skirting boards and walls, pointing around window and doorframes and filling cracked plaster. It gives a smooth finish that does not require sanding. […]

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How to create client agreements

A clear client agreement can save you hours of unpaid work and arguments A client agreement explains what you will do for the client, when you’ll do it and for how much. It should also politely make clear what isn’t included. The more detail you include in writing, the better covered you will be if there are disputes later. These are the essential things to cover in your work agreement. […]

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