Weathershield – Inspired by nature

Our Weathershield collection captures the beauty of the Irish landscape with colours that enhance and protect your customer’s home. Here are some handy hints for making the most of any home exterior.

General Considerations

Our Weathershield range is designed to complement our natural light and landscape. All colours tend to look lighter outside than under artificial lighting in stores so examine your choices outdoors.

Consider your customer’s home environment. Whether they live in a town or city, compare their colour choices with what their neighbours have next door so both colour schemes sit comfortably together.

Warm neutrals are the most prevalent choice for contemporary and traditional homes. Brittas Sand and Cobblelock have a hint of grey to suit our Irish northern light.

Brick & Stone Cladding

Homes with terracotta brick, work best with deep neutral colours like Claystone or Brittas Sand due to their warm tones.

Brick colours that have yellow undertones work best with colours like Inch Strand, Wattle and Hayfield.

Natural stone cladding usually has grey and green undertones that can be enhanced by colours such as Soft Avoca, Knock na Rí, Rugged Shore and Cashel Clay.


Whatever colour your customer’s windows are, give the impression they are larger than they appear by painting their window reveals in a similar colour.

Timber windows? Paint the reveals in white or off-white to highlight them. Then choose colours such as Olive Garden, Knock na Rí or Soft Avoca for a harmonious look.