€150 Credit. For getting new work, it’s the business.

5,000 POINTS is a website that helps tradesmen like you find painting and decorating jobs in their local area. Tradesmen love that it’s an easy way for them to grow their business locally. And customers love it because they’re getting rock-solid quotes from tradesmen they know can trust. So everyone wins!

Here’s how it works: The customer fills in the simple online form, detailing the job they need done. Then suitable professionals on the database are invited to quote for that particular job, and four of these quotes are sent on to the customer. Find out more at

Here’s what we’re offering:

- If you’re not already registered with, we’ll give you free registration, plus €70 account credit.

- If you’re already registered, we’ll give you €150 account credit to use on the website.

Click ‘Redeem’ and your Credit will be requested. You’ll need to specify whether or not you’re already a registered member of with the Dulux Trade Points Helpdesk. Your code for Credit will then be on its way to you by email within 2 working days.

Terms & Conditions
1.	The offers available for this promotion are either:
a.	Offer 1: Free Registration and Membership to and €20 account credit, or
b.	Offer 2: Existing members will be given €150 credit
2.	New members of are required to submit a photo ID, a minimum of 5 references from previous customers and to have their address verified for acceptance.
3.	The offers will be available by use of 2 unique codes depending on the required offer (Offer 1 or Offer 2)
4.	The promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion.
5.	There are no cash or other alternatives available in this promotion.
6.	The promotion is not open to employees of Barrowvale Technology Ltd T/A, TLC Marketing or Dulux.
7.	Dulux Trade Points members not yet registered on the website, they are required to visit and enter the provided code in the ‘Promotion Code’ box at the foot of the page. This will deduct the fee for registration and allow them to sign up and create an account with €20 credit automatically added
8.	If the Dulux Trade Points member is already registered with they are required to email the code to together with their Tradesmen ID and the €150 credit will be added to their account.   
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